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Labirintos was founded in 2007 by clinical psychologists with a simple goal: to support organizations working with children and adolescents in distress, enabling them to increasingly play a role in mitigating adverse life events, or as we term it, a therapeutic role.

We felt the need to integrate two perspectives. On one hand, the clinical approach that characterized us, and on the other hand, an understanding of organizational and social systems. We developed a consulting model that integrates individual dimensions from clinical and child development models and organizational dimensions from management and organizational behavior models.

Thus, a consulting firm emerged that could address the specific needs of organizations that work daily with emotionally demanding audiences. Organizations that, on the frontline, are composed of professionals whose main task is to care for, educate, help, or treat children, adolescents, or adults.

To achieve this, we sought to understand the best international practices in this area. We traveled, researched, reflected in search of the best answers and different ways of intervening, always with the intention of adding value to the interface between the frontline providers of our clients and the target audiences of their intervention.

Throughout our journey, we have been involved in different projects, targeting children, adolescents, and adults. We have worked with Residential Care Homes, Family Support and Parental Counseling Centers, Child and Youth Protection Committees, Residential Care Homes, Family Support Teams, and Community Development and Intervention Projects.

The path taken with our clients has resulted in a set of specific methodologies and tools aimed at implementing collaborative models that we believe are an excellent proposal for organizations working with challenging audiences

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