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Welcome to Labirintos Coloridos Consultores

To collaborate is to build social value.

About us

Labirintos was founded in 2007 by clinical psychologists with a simple goal: to support organizations working with children and adolescents in distress, enabling them to play an increasingly significant role in mitigating adverse life events, or as we term it, a therapeutic role.

We felt the need to merge two perspectives: on one hand, the clinical approach that characterized us, and on the other hand, an understanding of organizational and social systems. We developed a consulting model that integrates individual dimensions, drawing from clinical and child development models, as well as organizational dimensions derived from management and organizational behavior models


We like to think that we stand out for our collaborative approach. This approach is reflected in how we work with our clients.

We don't believe in pre-packaged solution models, nor do we believe in "turnkey" services. We advocate for working side by side, collaboratively in the assessment and construction of organizational solutions

"We believe in participatory models in which the processes of caring, educating, helping, or treating are established cooperatively with clients. We believe that collaborative interfaces are the ones that best promote mental health and prevent fatigue, wear and tear, and burnout among frontline teams."

Pedro Vaz Santos, sócio fundador

Our focus

Building interfaces with challenging audiences involves implementing collaborative work methodologies with end clients, ensuring that the organization's services are not designed without their active input.

We see the quality and continuous improvement policy as a result of this encounter process.

Collaboration builds social value!

O trabalho com organizações da área da infância e juventude está na nossa génese. Atualmente trabalhamos com uma variedade de organizações que têm como missão ajudar, educar, cuidar ou tratar pessoas.  

  • Schools

  • Family Support and Parental Counseling Centers

  • Residential Shelters

  • Residential Homes

  • Family Reception Framework Teams

  • Community Development Projects

  • Life Support Centers

  • Intervention Teams in the Area of Domestic Violence

  • Local Authority Social Action Teams


We support every organization by developing tailored consulting services through collaborative processes. See in which areas we can be most helpful.

Development and sustainability

Support for strategic and operational management, designing customer-oriented processes, maximizing social value

Intervention Processes and Models

Support for the construction and implementation of psycho-social, educational, and therapeutic intervention models

Supervision and Support for First Line Teams

Spaces for reflection on the dilemmas of practice, with psycho-social intervention teams, educational teams, and therapeutic teams

Our Clients

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Fundação "O Seculo"


Obra N. Sra. das Candeias

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Ass. Desenvolvimento do Torrão


Cruz Vermelha Vale de Cambra


Patronato St.ª Mafalda

Património dos Pobres Freguesia de Ílhav

Património dos Pobres


Centro Paroquial do Burgo

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Centro de Acolhimento Tercena SCMC

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Fundação de Veiros

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Centro Social Palmela


Associação Chão dos Meninos

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